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  1. Maybe (7:15)

  2. Daddy Please (4:33)

  3. Not Too Late (3:42)

  4. You're Not My Father (4:53)

  5. No Deal (4:25)

  6. So Long (3:07)

  7. Say When (4:48)

  8. The Mess We Made (5:15)

  9. Faith (5:29)

  10. Still With Us (6:29)

The Walls Of Sound


Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars: John Franco

Bass Guitar: Chris Tristram

Drums: Van Romaine

Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, and Keyboard: Dave Fields

Saxophone: Abel Mireles

The album was written as it takes you on a journey and a story from song one to song ten, so its important to listen to the album as a whole.  It is a story of real life events; listen from beginning to end in Cd order.  The whole Cd ties together as a heartfelt story from beginning to end, real life experiences with a blend of different timelines of the bands life.

The Wall Of Sound Band would like to thank the following:

  • My Family for their Love and support.

  • Chris Tristram for being a great friend and great engineer and bassist.

  • Van Romaine for  laying down the solid heartbeat to this music and his support.

  • Dave Fields for his great musicianship and support.

  • Abel Mireles for his great saxophone performances.

  • Kevin Fortunato for his amazingly creative designs and friendship 

  • Jeff Jent at Sweetwater for all his help and always making sure whatever I needed was expedited and taken care of.

  • Jimmy Millinchuk for keeping my guitars singing and playing like butter and for building my Hybrid 59 Stratocaster...!

  • Lou Del Rosso of guitars and jazz for finding me the warmest sounding arch top I've ever heard.

I would also like to thank all my musical influences that moved me and made me love music so much.

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