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The Walls of Sound is New Musical Group. With Heart Felt diverse compositions that will Appeal to Everyone who Loves Music. In a word... Interestingness!

The guitar is awe-inspiring, raw, passionate and deliberate. Their voices are unforgettable. The chord progressions and guitar leads are moving, musically penetrating, and transcend from the heart and soul right to the fingers. The bands performance unearths emotions and resonate a listener's core.

The album was written as it takes you on a journey and a story from song one to song ten, So its important to listen to the album as a whole.  It is a story of real life events; listen from beginning to end in cd order, the whole Cd ties together as a heartfelt story from beginning to end, real life experiences with a blend of different timelines of the bands life.

Hometown: New York, N.Y. USA.


  • Johnny Franco (Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

  • Chris Tristram (Bass)

  • Van Romaine (Drums)

  • Dave Fields (Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars & Keyboard)

  • Abel Mireles (Saxaphone)

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